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Why is Contractor Liability Insurance for Everyone?

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contractor liability insuranceThough contractors are mostly good profit-makers and successful businesspersons, many factors don’t consider them in the flow of economy. Employment laws like workers’ compensation are not applied to contractors. But this doesn’t mean in any way that contractor liability insurance can be neglected, whether you are a contractor or a homeowner who has contracted some work in your house to someone. If you are a contractor, contractor liability insurance is beneficial from the business point of view. If you are a homeowner and want to contract someone who have coverage to protect you from the liability regarding on-job accidents, materials sold by contractor and other types of liability.

Does Your Contractor Require Insurance?

Your contractor should have insurance because neither the worker’s compensation act nor employer’s liability insurance will safeguard you from liability towards a contract worker. If a contacted worker working for 3 weeks falls off a ladder while doing his job, s/he can sue you for negligence, medical cost and lost income etc. If you contract someone to remodel your home and one of the workmen is injured due to some structural fault in your home, you will definitely want to protect yourself against a lawsuit. Lawsuits nowadays have become common as well as expensive.

What if I am a Contractor?

If you are a contractor, you must buy contractor liability insurance. Most of the time, it’s a compulsory requirement for a job. If it isn’t, you will probably require a policy to do the work. Keep in mind that you cannot predict the result of any lawsuit, or also the ability of an office-goer or a small business owner to pay for your property loss or injury. However, remember also that no policy can protect you if you show construction faults or poor workmanship.

In short, you need to have contractor liability insurance which will protect you, in any case. is a website which brings you free insurance quotes, through which you can get the highest quality insurance coverage at a low price.

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