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5 Great Tips to Save on Car Insurance

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saving on car insuranceIt’s a general tendency of many drivers not to review insurance quotes from various insurance companies to get the cheapest car insurance. You may have to spend only a little extra time, but you will end up in ensuring that you are not overpaying for auto insurance. Here are some tips with which you can save on your car insurance.

1. Invite Quotes and Purchase Online

You may think that approaching your nearest insurance firm and signing up right away for insurance is the most convenient. But remember it’s not the way to ensure that you are buying the cheapest insurance. Fortunately, you can invite a number of insurance quotes from the comfort of your home from great websites like that of Armour Insurance Burlington. This is extremely convenient and you can make sure that you are getting the most for your money without being pressurized. Several insurance providers also offer a discount if you purchase online. Don’t forget to check such options and save even more.

2. Multi-automobile Saving

If you want to insure multiple vehicles, it’s always advisable to insure all of them with the same insurance company because that way you can get a discount with which you can save a percentage on each policy.

3. Saving on Multiple Policies

If you want other types of insurance like home insurance, condo or tenant insurance etc, check what discount you can get on multiple types of policies. Most insurance providers offer discounts if you buy both car and home insurance policies from them. You can save up to 5 to 10% on your total insurance price.

4. Cut Out Collision Coverage

Collision coverage occupies a considerable part of your car insurance premium, and if your car is old, you may not need collision coverage. The value of your car is reduced significantly if it’s old, in bad shape or has higher mileage. If your car’s value is equal to or less than your deductible, you may benefit from cancelling the collision coverage and spend the saved premium cost for buying another vehicle.

5. Improve Driving

Your driving record too has an influence on your insurance premium, so it needs to be clean. Convictions and tickets affect your insurance rates adversely for up to three years. Effect of accidents is even longer, i.e. 6 years or even more! Therefore, it’s better to improve your driving every day to reduce your insurance premiums.

Acting on these tips will free you from the worries of overpaying for your car insurance and get you the right protection for the right price.

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