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Important Things to Consider while Buying RV Insurance

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RV insuranceA RV is always connected to fun camping trips either alone or with family or friends, with a comfort of carrying all the necessary appliances and supplies and thereby no need of sacrificing the convenience at the harsh wilderness or unkind terrain. However, while planning to purchase, own or use a RV, a very important factor should be considered and it is RV insurance.

Most states require you to have some type of RV insurance and it’s for you own good to have it irrespective of the law. Here are a few tips if you are thinking of buying RV travel insurance.

If you intend to use your RV only for short trips and don’t plan to live in it, consult your homeowners insurance to check whether it is covered by that policy. If it isn’t, contact your insurance agent to check if a rider can be bought to include your RV in your homeowner’s insurance policy. If it can, ask what the coverage is and for how much. Make sure you get an exact picture of what is covered exactly and if there are any limitations, before you proceed.

Usually you can save money by including your RV to your homeowner’s policy, but there are certain restrictions. One of them is that the RV should not be registered for road use. If this condition applies, make sure not to violate it. The monetary loss of the accident of an uninsured vehicle can be hazardous.

If you live in the RV, clearly state it while getting insurance quotes. Many people think of saving money by telling insurance companies that they don’t live in the RV, while they actually do; but though they do save money, if a situation occurs when they have to make a claim, the insurance provider has the right to reject the claim on the basis of false information, if the coverage provided for occasional use and you are in fact living in the RV.

It makes no sense to take a risk on your entire insurance policy to save only a few bucks. So, don’t make the mistake.

Those who live full-time in their RV or at least spend most of their time in it, having an insurance policy from an insurer specializing in RV insurance like Magruder Agency, the nationwide insurance Brandon FL would be a smart move. Most vehicle insurance companies don’t know the special needs of RV lifestyle. Several special factors of RV liability are not added to standard auto insurance. Moreover, coverage limits in the first place can be very insufficient; therefore, it’s not recommended to just approach your auto insurance company and buy what they offer. Shop around and get quotes from RV insurance specialists.

If you follow these tips, only then you would be getting a great peace of mind and enjoying traveling in your RV in a true sense.

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