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Should You Buy Mazda Extended Warranty?

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mazda extended warrantyWith every new Mazda you get a limited warranty and thereby coverage for an undesired event which may require an expensive repair. This is for the early years when you buy a Mazda. According to this warranty Mazda offers an assurance that their cars and trucks won’t undergo any defect with normal use for 36,000 miles or 36 months whichever is earlier. But you can also get a Mazda extended warranty for a price. Is this a good choice? And what does an extended warranty cover? Let’s see.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty is insurance coverage that provides an additional peace of mind when your Mazda may have to undergo an expensive repair. With an extended warranty you get coverage for parts which are not covered by your regular limited warranty. These parts include electrical systems, exhaust, AC and heating, engine and its parts and other basic wear and tear. Amongst these, one of the best features you get is coverage of normal wear and tear, because it contains many other things, like clutches, filters, brake pads, filters and oil changes, which Mazda or any other vehicle has to undergo many times in its life.

Moreover, an extended warranty for Mazda can also offer 24-hour roadside or technical assistance.

This may seem great, but for real comparison, you should know what your basic insurance covers. It may happen that your basic Mazda insurance may cover many things and so, you need not buy an extended warranty. Therefore it’s recommended to go though the basic insurance of your vehicle before considering an extended Mazda warranty.

Is Mazda Extended Warranty Worth Buying?

If your existing Mazda warranty is near expiry or just has expired, you can consider buying an extended warranty for which Mazda dealers offer many options, ranging from a small amount to a bigger one. During the warranty period, all the repairs are done by an authorized dealer of Mazda; so, it is done by professionally trained technicians and using genuine Mazda parts and specialist tools. Therefore your car is benefited from the expertise and care which you can get only at an authorized Mazda dealer.

To buy it or not is a tricky question because just like any other type of insurance, Mazda extended warranty comes handy only when something goes wrong; otherwise it is a wastage. But when an expensive repair is underway, you realize its value and you feel glad that you’ve bought it.

There are 2 major reasons why you should buy an extended Mazda warranty:

  1. Dependability: If you ask Mazda owners about the dependability of Mazda, you will get different answers, because viewpoints change from person to person. But on an average, the picture shows that whenever something goes wrong with a Mazda, it is a major issue and will cost you thousands of dollars. The repair is time consuming too, and during the repair time, you are vehicle-less. An extended cover makes your vehicle dependable. Firstly you have a great peace of mind that you are covered and secondly, they also provide an optional rental vehicle.
  2. Saving of Money: Just like any other imported vehicle, Mazda can be much costlier to repair than a domestic vehicle. Moreover, not every technician is trained to repair it, because of its special SkyActive technology which is quite a new concept.

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