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Van Insurance – 4 Useful Tips on Saving Money on Premium

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van insurance tipsLegally, you are obligated to insure your van. But, does it mean you should pay over the odds for it? Of course not! You should, however, by all means opt for the right level of insurance and that’s not something to compromise on. Nevertheless, I have come up with these helpful tips on saving some cash on your van insurance premium. While doing my research, I’ve found this website very useful!

1 – Raise your voluntary excess. It’s the amount of money that your insurer is going to deduct from payout before it comes to you. In general, the higher the voluntary excess, the lower the premium. As a result, however, your future claims will probably have lower payouts.

2 – Secure your van. If a van is more secured, it has lower chances of getting stolen. Add a steering lock or ensure your van with an alarm, tracker and immobilizer. In addition of making it more secure, your insurance prices for a van will be lower.  Another way to secure your van is to advertise your business on it. Not only will you promote your business anywhere you go, but you’ll also make your van easier to identify and less interesting for a theft. Insurers know that and they will probably lower your premium because of that.

3 – No-claim bonus is worth considering. The longer you don’t make a claim, the safer a driver you appear to be to an insurer. So, if you’re a no-claim driver, your bonus from your auto insurance policy might be transferred to your van. However, keep in mind that not every insurer will do this, so make sure you check it before counting on it.

4 – The smaller the better. This rule applies to both physical and engine sizes, because a more powerful engine and a bigger van can cause more damage in case of an accidents. Therefore, the premiums are usually higher for bigger and more powerful vans. So, choose a van that’s as small as possible for your own business and it will result in lower premium prices.

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