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Expat Insurance in Spain for Living Life Peacefully

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expat insurance in SpainIn Spain, the topic of insurance is extremely important and if you are an expat there, it is more expected that things may go wrong and you could end up in circumstances you don’t understand fully. Being uninsured or underinsured can be financially terrible. Therefore expat insurance in Spain is utmost necessary.

When disasters happen to you in your home country they are equally bad. But when they happen in a foreign country, you want to get through them in the easiest way possible.

While finding costs and quotes for insurance in Spain, it is important to know exactly what cover you will get and the level of after-care support in case of a claim to be done. If after paying an annual premium, you won’t get enough cover, there is absolutely no point in paying the premiums.

Which Companies to Look For?

You should find insurance companies that are experienced in and meet the needs of expats in Spain. Search through websites which give information in English, so that you can know what you are getting. Better the staff and employees in the company should be English-speaking, because in case of making claim, you will find ease.

Insurance Brokers in Spain

There are several independent Spanish insurance brokers who are able to compare prices and find the lowest and cheapest premiums which you cannot find yourself. You can approach such a broker too.

Being in a foreign country, don’t take things easy. Get everything in writing and don’t simply rely on what an insurance agent or broker says. Be careful while seeking advice from the brokers because they are paid on commission and you will have to ensure that you are seeking the best advice.

The concept of all-risk is a foreign topic in Spain. So you will have to understand the difference between insurance coverage and policies in Spain as compared to those in your home country.

Types of Insurances in Spain

Health Insurance – You have to find out how much cover you receive for how much premium. Also the level of treatment, standard of hospitals and qualification of doctors and nurses are also important factors to look into.

Car/Motor Insurance – Car insurance is essential and required by the law in Spain as driving here is hazardous.

Home Insurance – As you will be spending your life in Spain, you need to buy a house or you may want to rent out a home after buying it. In that case, you will need property insurance for covering various risks like theft, damage from renters and tenants, from fire and water leakage, floods, accidental damage, structural problems etc.

Travel Insurance – If you will be going on a holiday in Spain, you can buy a short-term travel insurance or holiday insurance. And if you are now a permanent resident of Spain and will be traveling out of Spain, you will need a Spanish travel insurance.

Life Insurance – As most of the expats in Spain are retired persons, making provisions for your loved ones in case of your death is essential.

Pet Insurance – If you have a pet and you will be living in Spain permanently, you will need pet insurance.

So, considering your individual needs, you should get an adequate insurance cover as an expat in Spain, so that you can live your life peacefully and enjoy it in a true sense.

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