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Fantastic Ideas for Your Insurance Business Card

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New BeginningsWhen it comes to promoting your insurance business, a business card is a simple, yet effective way to do that. But if you take some extra efforts to make your business card unique and special, it generates a still larger impact. And the most effective way to make your card special is to personalize it. You can personalize your card with any photos or texts which can represent your own personality, dedication to business and/or the benefits your clients would get by associating with you. For example, I would recommend you to visit a site named Open Prints ( where you can learn how you can personalize your business cards, clothing, mouse pads and other belongings.

How does Your Insurance Business Card Stack Up?

Remember the last seminar, meeting, conference or any social event you attended for your insurance business. What was the response of people to your card? Did they praise it? Did they show it to someone else? Whatever may be the response, it made some or the other type of impression. But if you have a really unique, creative and unforgettable card, it makes a memorable impression. And those impressions speak out immediately like “What a fantastic design! Where did you get it?” or seeing the card you are giving to someone else, her/his neighbor too would demand one for her/him. It’s not necessary that people receiving your card would immediately give you business; however, there are high chances that they will keep it to be easily visible and when they would need an insurance broker, they would call you.


Choose Colors and Design that Stand Out

Every business card has the card-holder’s name, her/his company’s name and contact details. So, when someone offers you a card and it contains the same typical components, you just slip it in your pocket to never see it again with interest. But if that card has something special, you will certainly look at it with interest. For example, cards having red color in its design, or having a black background catch our attention the most. Similarly cards having a picture of the card-holder too catch attention. Having your own photo on the card is something very unique, because not many cards have it. Similarly any image on the card makes the card unique; for example, the inspirational images given in this article, courtesy of Open Prints.

At Open Prints, there are countless pictures, colors, sizes and shapes with which you can personalize your insurance business cards. Take the benefit and make your card unique to help your business flourish.

New Beginnings

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