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Great Tips for Choosing a Perfect Insurance Agent

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insurance agent reviewsUndergoing a major change in life like moving to a different state, changing your job or beginning a business of your own asks for a review of your insurance. Just as important as picking the right insurance for you and your family is picking your insurance agent. offering comprehensive insurance agent reviews share tips on choosing just the right insurance agent.

Types of Insurance Agents

Independent Agent: An independent agent may deal with various insurance companies.

Captive Agent: A captive agent works exclusively for one company.

Both these types of agents get a commission from the respective insurance company if you buy a policy from them of that company.

Insurance Broker: Unlike independent or captive insurance agents who work on behalf of insurance companies, an insurance broker works on your behalf, i.e. s/he searches the insurance market to get you an insurance policy with maximum coverage at the best cost. In return, you have to pay her/him.

Where to Start?

It’s better to start by increasing your knowledge about insurance. This gives you an idea on how much insurance you and your family needs. You also understand the different types of policies, companies and coverage they offer, so that after finding a perfect insurance agent, you can work with her/him well for finding the most appropriate insurance policy for you.

How to Find an Agent?

Here I would recommend you where you can find just the insurance agent you want according to the type of insurance and your locality. After you shortlist a few of them, you can then read honest and comprehensive reviews of those agents and select the best suitable to you and invite quotes from them. This saves a lot of your time and money.

Another way is asking among family and friends if they can suggest names of good insurance agents.

Choosing an Agent

You can apply a few criteria while selecting your agent from your list, like:

Way of Working: Interview your agents and explain them your situation. You can ask for a quote which doesn’t mean that you have to buy insurance from them. It’s only for seeing how they work and if you can get well with them.

License: Ensure that the agent you are talking to is licensed to do business in your state. You can do this by calling the state insurance department or on the NAIC Consumer Information Source.

Complaints: Ensure also if the agent has any previous complaints against them. You can check this too on the above two bodies, i.e. the state insurance department or on the NAIC’s CIS.

You can thus find the best suitable agent for yours and your family’s coverage needs and get the desired peace of mind.

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