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Top 9 Tips to Grow Your Insurance Business

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growing your insurance businessGrowing his insurance business is the aim of any insurance agent, whether he has started newly or has several years of experience in the business. Therefore, here we have compiled some tips for those who are looking for ideas to grow their business.

1. Prepare Questions that can Start Insurance-related Conversation

You may have realized several times that you missed an opportunity to talk about insurance to certain people who could have been good customers for you. It was because you just couldn’t start insurance-related conversation with them. Don’t let it happen with you again. Prepare some questions at home that can help you start such a conversation with people next time. Some examples of these questions are:

  • What are your plans for your kids?
  • I love traveling; do you?
  • Your dog is great; which vet do you take him to?
  • You have got a great home, have you remodeled it recently?


2. Sponsor a Road


Many roads or even highways offer exchange schemes for businesses of cleanup for putting up their sign. Offer to clean up the trash from a section of a road that is near your agency in exchange of putting up your sign.


3. Increase Your List of Prospects


Some nice and unique lead generation tools are available at affordable prices which help you find new prospects today! You can create an unlimited list of prospects to find the right business. With these tools, you can find new customers. You can even create filters to this list and make your job still easier. This list will always be ready with you as you can save and download it. Take help of such a great tool and give your business an unlimited opportunity to grow.

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4. Get Marked in GPS Devices


How about getting known through GPS services? Some GPS manufacturers allow you to go to their website and enter your business profile. You may consider to get listed with companies providing information to the GPS providers. If anyone is searching for insurance agent on their GPS device, it’s pretty sure that they will come to you.


5. Reward for Referrals


Reward your existing policyholders if they bring you new clients. But don’t skimp on rewards. Also ensure that every customer of yours know about this reward program.


6. Deliver More than Expected from You


Always remember to deliver more than people expect from you. Insurance is a marketplace where there is a trend to overpromise and underdeliver. In that situation if you do the opposite, people will be pleasantly surprised and spread the word about your service spontaneously.


7. Get Positive Reviews


When your customers express their happiness with your service, request them to give you positive reviews on sites like Google Plus or It’s advisable for insurance agents to create a page on their website having links to their various profiles on review websites. When people express satisfaction with their service, they can just email them the link to that page and that will be much easier for them to review the agents. The easier the process, the more chances for you of getting reviews.


8. Free Business Coaching


A very good way to increase your connections in your business community is to offer free business coaching to new entrants. This is an easy and great idea to build trust and reputation as an honorable business owner within your community. You can even arrange free seminars and lectures for upcoming entrepreneurs about getting properly insured.

arrange free coaching

9. Free Help to Fill Insurance Forms


You can find so many free ways to offer help to people and that will expand your business either directly or indirectly. For example, you can offer free help on how to fill insurance form or complete other such insurance proceeding. Whether it is hand-written or online, form filling is a calamity for many people. They will find this very useful and they will admire you and are most likely to give you business.

These are only a few ways to grow your business. There are many more and you can find on your own too. Use them to find new prospects today and see your business growing tremendously.

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