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Addiction Insurance – A Range of Options

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drug abuseBy now, if you had to opt for insurance for the treatment of addiction, you had options for that, but not dedicated to addiction. Today, the scenario has changed and insurance providers have understood addiction in a better way. They now understand that addiction is a medical condition and is treatable. Therefore they are ready to take responsibility for the cost of the treatment of addiction as they realize the bad effects of addiction which can have physical or psychiatric or both effects across the lifetime of the person. Therefore they provide drug rehab insurance that covers the addiction treatment expense because it is far more advantageous and economical to prevent the impact of long-term substance abuse than to spend money for the treatment when the problem has reached a later stage.

On the other hand, though some clients look at the involvement of insurance providers with a negative view, it is actually commendable that their revenue is generated only once when their end consumers are benefited. They can’t run into a profit if the patients won’t lead a happy and productive life but become hardcore drug addicts. Thus they often make it a point to dictate terms for partial or total coverage of substance abuse rehab when they offer insurance policies to individuals or employers.

Whenever you want to figure out how your insurance policy covers your addiction treatment you can contact your insurance company or read reviews like Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage. This is important to know for all because the cost of substance abuse treatment is not cheap today.

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Public Insurance

If your insurance doesn’t cover cost of treatment for substance addiction, you have an option available in the form of public insurance which makes an inpatient treatment within your means as compared to cases when there is no insurance available. Some treatment facilities are partially or fully subsidized by the government. Such facilities accept federal or state medical insurance plans for partial or total payment of services. However there are particular guidelines regarding income in these plans; therefore you should check with the rehab facility you are planning to join or the right public insurance agency to check if they indeed qualify for public insurance programs that offer addiction rehab coverage.

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Private Insurance

This is costlier than public insurance; however, you get more comprehensive options than an insurance plan backed by the government. This option is good when a family’s life is about to ruin due to one of the members’ drug addiction or substance abuse. United Healthcare has very good information on this, which you should read.

Private insurance means any health insurance plan paid for by an individual person or an employer, and is not promoted or supported by the federal government or their agencies. A range of health benefits can be availed with private insurance, including:

  • Numerous drug or alcohol rehab centers to choose from
  • A significant cost of treatment is paid by the insurance company and you have to pay very little of your own pocket

Group Insurance

Many group insurance packages also provide coverage for addiction rehab. Most patients shy away from taking benefits they are due for because of shame or threat of losing job. It is mandatory for health insurance companies, under the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, to balance the drug and alcohol treatment for group plans to the requirement for regular medical rehab for these circumstances.

So, if you are wondering if you can afford the drug abuse treatment cost, there are so many insurance options available to you. Choose one of them and get a great peace of mind.

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