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Home Insurance for Musicians – Things You Should Know

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guitar damagedThere are many people whose life essentially contains music, either as performers or listeners, and either as their livelihood or as a hobby. Owning musical instrument or a related equipment such as DJ gear requires sizeable investment, particularly if you desire the best sound. Therefore, musicians insurance is a vital consideration, as, one in four musicians suffers loss or theft of their instrument and if the equipment is stolen or damaged, you shouldn’t suffer a financial loss. is specialized in musicians insurance. Their experts share important information about home insurance for musicians.

Usually musicians and DJs are under the impression that their home contents insurance covers their musical and other instruments automatically. However, this is not always the case. So, you should keenly look at the policy terms and conditions, whether it covers your musical instruments or not. For example, the insurance policy offered by not only covers home and its contents but also your musical instruments or equipment. In fact, they write their policies specially for musicians and offer great rates and discounts.

Things to Consider while Buying Home Insurance for Musicians

  • If you earn your living from music, you should buy home insurance in which musicians insurance is included. The musicians insurance should in turn include hiring replacements, repairs or having to buy a new instrument.
  • If you have to travel a lot with your musical instruments and perform, you are at an extra risk of having the instruments damaged due to faulty handling, changing temperatures and cabin pressures.
  • If you are an amateur musician and have a rare and/or valuable collection, you should also consider custom instrument insurance. If such an instrument falls off its stand and gets damaged, the insurance provider should understand how its value will decline and there will be cost of repair.
  • If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask questions and get them cleared. You can also judge them by the way they talk, helpfulness, promptness in replying and knowledge they have. They should be willing to help you and not insistent about making you buy the policy.

Visit to see how beneficial their home insurance policy for musicians is. You will get answers to all your questions on the website or you can call them and their professional and friendly staff will help you out.

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