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Top 3 Tips on Finding Just the Right Home Insurance

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home insurance tipsFor many people, home insurance is like a monster that is necessary to attend. However, the truth is that when you need it, you will feel like patting yourself that you bought it. It will be like a godsend. The sole aim of home insurance is to protect your largest and most valuable asset which is the result of your years of blood, sweat and tears. So, you need to invest time to protect it. But the problem here is that most people are confused when it’s about insurance in general. Therefore it’s imperative that you know and understand home insurance beforehand so that you can take the right decision when time arrives.

1. Find the Correct Value of Your Home and Amount of Insurance You will Need

To know the amount of insurance you will need is one of the most important factors. First you will have to find the exact value of your home. If it is damaged or destroyed, you will need to find out what the cost to replace or repair it would be. For this, you can take help of an assessment company or a home builder. This is not something where only guesswork will suffice. Don’t rely on yourself or your insurance agent for this. Your house being your biggest asset should be assessed to its fairest value.

2. Know the Risk Factors

Your premium is based on the risk that the insurance provider is taking by selling you the home insurance policy. The higher the risk, the higher will be the premium, because they would have to pay you more if something happens to your home in case of higher risk.

The risk factors include the crime rate in your area, your own living habits, trees around your home, nearness of your house to the highways or other busy areas and so on.

3. Study and Use all the Tricks that can Save Your Money on Premiums

While there are a lot of risk factors that can increase your premium amount, there are many things that can save your home insurance money too. It’s interesting and important to know them.

  • Good maintenance of structure, sidewalks, stairs, entrances and driveways etc
  • Up-to-date electrical and wiring system
  • Up-to-date heating system
  • Fire alarms and sprinklers
  • Dead bolt locks
  • Home burglar alarm
  • Location of the home near a police station


Thus, anything you can install or build to make your home safe and reduce the chances of damage, accidents and injuries can account for a discount in your premium. Also, good credit is a money-saving factor.

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