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Why Do You Actually Need Home &Contents Insurance?

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home and contents insuranceAccidental damage poses the biggest risk to your home’s contents. Each year, it’s the leading reason to make an insurance claim.

Figures show that those renting a property are the least likely to buy home insurance. The common consensus seems to be that if you don’t own a home, there’s no reason to buy insurance. That’s an incorrect belief, and one which costs some families thousands of dollars in damages.

Of course, those who rent aren’t the only people to forgo insurance. Some just leave their fate in the hands of luck, and hope that nothing bad ever happens to their property.

This is rarely the best option, and it’s never the smart one. Truth is, most families are at risk of burglary, fire, or even breakages. There’s no real way to predict when a disaster may strike, meaning the future of your possessions is somewhat uncertain.

If you’re a tenant, building insurance is something you won’t need, as it’s your landlord’s responsibility to have this taken care of. What your landlord isn’t responsible for, however, are your possessions. If you have a television, laptop, iPad, camera or other gadget in your house, it’s at risk if you don’t have contents insurance covering you.

While broken pipes and damage to your home will be taken care of if you rent your property, which will be of little consolation to you if your treasured items have been damaged due to a fire or flood. You’re also at risk of a break in, which could happen at any time, even if you’re in your home.

Contents insurance doesn’t just offer peace of mind, it acts as financial protection for you and your family, ready to step in and cover you when you most need it.

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