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You can Get Life Insurance Quotes without Phone Calls

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life insurance quotesWhile inviting life insurance quotes, a common fear resides within everyone: of having to fill the telephone number field. Why should it be so? It’s because you know that your number will be put on a call list and then your phone will keep ringing every now and then, and till you answer. Worst even, after you pick up the phone, the salesperson on the opposite end will never quit you unless s/he sells you something that you never need. It happens to be pricier than what you were looking for in the first place. So, you keep wondering how to get a life insurance quote without phone calls!

Actually the situation should not be like this, because you are in search of instant life insurance quotes. You won’t want to wait till a salesperson working on commission basis calls you back at an inconvenient time, almost always. All in all, the ‘instant quote’ sites take your phone number not for your convenience, to make things easy for you or to offer you a better shopping experience; they want it for their own benefit.

Fortunately, there are some options available and if you look for them just in the correct place, you won’t have to undergo all the hassle. For example, at, all the anti-consumer tricks, including asking for your phone number, commonly found on other sites, have been eliminated. You are asked for only that information that will be useful to provide you quotes that are accurate, more than anywhere else on the web. Even they don’t ask for your email id if you are not planning to save your quotes.

If you want a normal life insurance policy of fifty thousand dollars coverage and the policy should span for 20 years or till you retire at the age of sixty five, this is a perfectly normal policy and is very easy to get. So, Online Life Insurance Quotes USA won’t ask for any of your personal information; only you will have to answer some questions on your health, like are you suffering from diabetes, hypertension, do you smoke, etc. Answers should be basic but are very important for the life insurance agency to understand what type of risk you are. If you have a disease, your quote will be more than that of a person that is healthy.

Therefore, it’s now possible for you to get life insurance quote without giving your phone number or any other personal information with companies like Online Life Insurance Quotes USA. So, go ahead and invite quotes to get your hands on the most beneficial deal.

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