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A Cyber Security Expert’s View on Cyber Insurance

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By Danny Pehar President of Cyber Insurance Education Inc.

I’ve been in the cyber security industry since 2001, and I’ve helped all kinds of clients secure their data with firewalls, anti-viruses and a slew of other services.

A few years ago, I was consulting with an organization that had just had $2 million hacked from their corporate bank account. They were a small company, so I thought the loss would soon result in bankruptcy.

“There’s no way a small company like this can survive a two-million-dollar loss,” I thought.

But then they told me they weren’t worried and that they’d be fine because they had cyber insurance.

It was the first time I had ever heard of cyber insurance and, sure enough, the company was fully covered and is still in business today.

As a cyber security expert, I know it’s not a question of if but when a business will be hacked, so whatever industry you’re in, do yourself a favor and talk to your insurance provider about cyber insurance. If you’re an insurance professional, do yourself and your client a favor and talk to them about cyber insurance. You’ll both be glad you did.


The Digital Age has presented numerous opportunities, but it’s also ushered in enormous risk.

Ever-evolving cyber threats are changing the way businesses deal with and are affected by cyber incidents.

Data, revenue, day-to-day business and brand value are all at risk.

But that’s not all.

New government regulations mean possible financial penalties and regulatory scrutiny.

Not only is a business’s reputation, share price and revenue on the line, so is its very survival.

Now there’s hope.

Cyber insurance means businesses can finally insure the vulnerabilities brought on by the Digital Age.

cyber insurance education


As an insurance professional, you’ve most likely already had some type of cyber insurance training from a carrier.

This is where our course is different. Cyber Insurance Education is not an insurance carrier. We are not trying to influence you to sell a particular brand of cyber insurance. Our course can be applied to whichever carrier you feel is best for your client.

Using our own sales-oriented communication formula, Executive Security Storytelling, we have trained thousands of individuals to make millions by increasing their business through cyber. We will teach you how to have a simple but extremely effective Cyber Security Insurance conversation with your clients.

You’ve heard all the reasons why you need to sell this from the carriers, Cyber Insurance Education is going to teach you the how.


Cyber Insurance Education brings together more than 85 years of cyber expertise.

Working with the insurance industry, Cyber Insurance Education helps brokers and agents generate revenue and better protect their clients by providing the best, step-by-step certified cyber insurance training.

Cyber Insurance Education also provides its clients with a lead-development program and expert advisory services.


Danny Pehar has been in the cyber security industry for more than 15 years, selling and developing multimillion-dollar cyber security projects across North America.

In 2011, Danny redefined the cyber security industry by changing the way it’s explained and understood through his one-of-a-kind training style.

Danny is a bestselling author and uses his own Executive Storytelling Formula to successfully instruct organizations on how to maximize revenue by understanding and selling cyber security.

Danny has spoken on the topic of cyber security to multiple industries and has worked with organizations such as AON, Microsoft, TD Bank, and Zayo. He is President & Co-Founder of Cyber Insurance Education.


“How to Sell Cyber Security Insurance” is a course created by Cyber Insurance Education that is specifically designed for insurance professionals to help them educate prospective customers, improve protection for their current clients and take advantage of an emerging market.

Certification is provided upon completion of the course.

cyber insurance education


When you complete our “How to Sell Cyber Security Insurance” course, you’ll not only receive certification, you’ll also become a part of the Cyber Insurance Alliance.

With connections to more than 1,500 security organizations in North America, Cyber Insurance Education provides its graduates with a valuable network of sales leads. Every time a cyber security solution is sold by our security partners and the opportunity to sell cyber insurance arises, you’ll be notified of the lead via email.

We not only help you learn cyber insurance, we help you sell it!


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