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Protect Your Investment with Fantasy Sports Insurance and Get Rid of Worries

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RotosuranceAs per the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association), more than 50 million Americans and Canadians participate in fantasy sports every year. This is an enormous growth over just a decade ago when just 18 million people participated in fantasy sports leagues.

As fans throughout the country are eagerly getting ready for another action-packed fantasy sports season, some are taking major steps to ensure their success, including purchasing fantasy sports insurance as an essential part of their game plan.


Why do Players Purchase Fantasy Sports Insurance?


Apart from bragging rights, several fantasy sports league participants play for cash; this has made fantasy sports an estimated billion dollar industry. As per the FSTA, an average fantasy sports player spends around $570 on league-associated expenditure in a 12-month duration, up from $110 in 2014.

This investment can be protected by fantasy sports insurance. These insurance policies are designed to reimburse the policyholder for expenses related to joining a league and conducting pre-draft as well as in-season research.

If one of the stars of a fantasy league gets injured, the chance of that player of getting a portion of the winnings could be lost. Therefore, several serious fantasy sports players consider fantasy sports insurance as a tactical tool for success.


How does Fantasy Sports Insurance Work?


Just as athletes that buy policies to protect their body parts in the event of an injury, fantasy sports players buy insurance to protect their investment in reality-based games.

Many insurance provider companies specialize in fantasy sports insurance and each of them has a bit different approach while setting fees and payouts.


  • Premiums normally range from $20 to $100, based on the amount of protection the policyholder wants.
  • An injury-prone athlete is usually costlier to insure than the one that tends to be healthy.
  • Most policies pay out in the case of a major injury to the athlete that compels him to miss a particular number of games (typically nine or more).
  • Usually, fantasy sports insurance claims are paid within 30 days after the end of the regular fantasy sports season.


Protect Your Investment with Rotosurance


Rotosurance is a fantasy sports insurance company about to launch on 1st August and their small one-time insurance coverage plan will give you your money back if your key player is injured and misses more than 8 games. The claim process is easy and payment is fast.

Consider buying fantasy sports insurance from Rotosurance to protect your investment and get rid of worries.


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