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Taking Care of your Horse with Horse Insurance

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horse insuranceOwning a horse is a rewarding and enjoyable pastime, whether you rear them for racing, show, dressage, jumping or perhaps merely as pets; this beautiful animal is in high demand. It will come as no surprise then that horse or equine insurance is an essential when it comes to looking after you and your horse’s interests.
Since bygone years men have used horses as a means of transport, rearing and selling. Think back to Western days on the Great Plains and even beyond. Westerners and Native Americans alike saw the potential in rearing horses for riding and man has continued ever since. With the invention of planes, trains and automobiles the popularity of the horse as a means of transport has understandably declined. As a result farriers, vets and dentists who specialise in equine treatment are far less common. What is now the local mechanic used to be the blacksmith specialising in horse shoes. This rarity of skills is reflected in the premium price horse owners pay and this is where horse insurance comes in incredibly handy.
You may not be aware but the demand for a farrier, particularly in certain parts of the country is incredibly high. Horse owners are sometimes required to book weeks in advance, the same can be said for equine dentists and even vets will charge a high premium for horse callouts. Horse insurance gives owners the necessary piece of mind when it comes to owning and maintaining a stallion. Many offer vet fee cover ranging from around £5,000 per incident, this means should the worst happen you are at least covered in a monetary sense.
Another benefit of horse insurance is that, like car insurance, there are varying levels of cover. This enables you to choose a plan which would best suit your horse or pony’s needs. After all, why pay for cover riding if you only keep your horse as a pet? Concurrently why always pay public liability cover if your horse is kept in secure stables on privately owned land?
With all insurance quotes and premiums it is always best to shop around, find the deal that is right for you and get a range of quotes. Remember that owning a horse and pony can be a large financial investment so it is imperative that you have the cover available to back you up.

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