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African Holiday – Travel Insurance

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holiday africaHoliday in Africa sounds fun and exciting, doesn’t it? Most of them result in wonderful memories, therefore you should by all means visit this marvelous continent. However, sometimes accidents and unexpected events might ruin your vacation or force you to cancel your plans. Therefore, we suggest buying travel insurance whenever you travel, especially when it comes to Africa.

When planning a trip, people usually focus on buying affordable flying tickets and booking appropriate accommodation. The next thing we take into consideration is what exactly we would like to see, where to go and what to do. Although thinking about good things only is not a bad thing, it’s not really wise, in particular if you are going to a faraway place.

As for your African holiday, travel insurance to cover illness and theft is highly recommended. Of course, you cannot count on it if a monkey steals your camera or a goat eats your iPod. However, medical cover is of essential, having in mind that hospitals on the dark continent are not free. In fact, if you want to be taken to a good hospital, you have to understand these are not cheap at all. For this reason, make sure your travel insurance covers ambulances (both land and air), as well as emergency flights home.

As with other insurance types, various policies are available. Some of them forbid unscheduled plane or boat rides, others exclude dangerous activities, such as canoeing, white-water rafting etc. Well, if you are going to Africa, those are not you should even consider! Try to find more sensible ones, which understand the realities of exotic holidays. Make sure you read the small print and shop around in order to be fully covered before you start your journey.

The last, but not the least, what if your once in a lifetime trip has to be put off? Cancellation protection for such vacations has to be provided, just in case.

It’s difficult to grasp the magnificence and sheer size of the dark continent. Africa’s natural resources, breathtaking scenery and wonders have been coveted for generations. No matter how many travel programs you watch about it, this amazing continent will surprise you and you won’t be prepared for all the adventures that lie ahead. We wish you astonishing and safe journey!

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