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Travel Medical Insurance for Schengen Visa – Things You Should Know

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Travel medical insurance for Schengen visaPlanning to visit Europe may excite you a lot. But besides enjoyment, you should also consider certain things seriously and a travel visa is one of them so as to be financially covered to deal with any unanticipated expenses.

As you know Schengen visa allows you to travel freely within all the 26 member countries of Schengen zone of Europe. But there are certain travel medical insurance for Schengen visa requirements which you should know.

Travel Medical Insurance for Schengen Visa Requirements

Criteria you should meet for the medical insurance for Schengen visa include:

  • Minimum coverage of 30,000 EUR (equal to 50,000 USD)
  • Should cover every member country of the Schengen Zone
  • Covers any expenses which might come up due to repatriation for urgent health condition, medical reasons and/or emergency hospitalization or death

In spite of the fact that the travel health insurance is a useful travel tool that everyone should have, not all travellers are required to have it. Only for the visa nationalities, it’s mandatory to have a covered insurance policy. These travellers are always needed to have the required coverage for the whole period of their stay in Europe, irrespective of their purpose of visit like tourism, business, study or any other.

Foreign travellers visiting Europe enjoying the visa-free travel within the EU shall optionally get their chosen travel insurance policy, but they are not compelled to.

Who should Buy Schengen Travel Health Insurance?

Anyone visiting Europe temporarily from a country that is bound by visa requirements, whether it’s an individual or a group of travellers, should buy the Schengen travel health insurance.

Where to Get Schengen Travel Health Insurance?

It’s important to note that the health insurance policy that you already have through your employment contract might cover expenses of international medical emergency. However, typically this coverage has certain limitations. You should study your policy and/or inquire with the company or agent about what you can expect and what you cannot while having a health issue in a Schengen country.

Typically tourists buy an individual Schengen travel health insurance policy for the days they’ve planned to spend in Europe either at a rightful insurance agency or even a travel agency. Make sure to choose a licensed company which is accepted in the Schengen territory you will be travelling to.

Having Schengen travel health insurance is thus anytime helpful to protect you from unwanted yet inevitable expenses. So, be ready with it and make your Europe tour problem-free and beautiful.

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